Why United Way




Advancing Education, Income, and Health

United Way’s core initiatives support projects that enhance self-sufficiency by giving a hand up not a handout. We are changing lives by providing the base funding for a wide range of agencies that are a community safety net for those struggling to make ends meet. With over 64 years of experience in Northwest Montana and working with over 71 community agencies, we have a unique perspective on understanding the needs of our community. 99% of all funds raised by the United Way stay in your community which means we raise local dollars which are invested in local services assisting your neighbors in need. Through your support, United Way is strengthening family connections, encouraging youth, and supporting the most basic human needs. By donating to your United Way you are able to change lives and directly impact people in need.

Your local United Way is building a strong foundation that will change the human infrastructure of our community by:

  • Helping families become more self-sufficient
  • Increasing financial stability
  • Ensuring access to primary health care
  • Reducing homelessness
  • Providing educational opportunities that build skills
  • Striving to break the cycle of childhood poverty